Nursing care

Our priority is to ensure that every resident receives the highest standards of nursing care, along with social, emotional, and psychological support, and all the help they need with the routine of every day living.

Each person is different with care needs particular to them, so on admission a Personal Care Plan is prepared by our qualified nurses, with the collaboration of the resident, their family and health professionals - GP, social worker, physiotherapists, dieticians, etc - to ensure that all that residents specific requirements are met.

Knowing each resident personally

On admission our personalised booklet entitled 'This is my life' is prepared with the resident, family and friends. It enables us to get to know each resident as a person- their life history, their experiences, their favourite food, tipple, films, music, television, interests and hobbies etc. So that we can tailor their care and activities to suit them personally where possible. Most importantly it enables our staff to interact with them in a friendly personal way, discussing things close to their heart, becoming their friend.

Dementia Care

Our care staff are very experienced in caring for residents with dementia and build close relationships with them by knowing their life history and their personality etc from their 'This is my life' booklet, understanding the nature of their dementia as well as their physical care needs, and helping them practically to enjoy life as much as they can and join in with appropriate activities.

We work hard to help residents to achieve favourable outcomes such as easing their decision making, reducing agitation and stress, encouraging independence and social interaction, and enabling activities of daily living - getting up, toileting, washing, bathing, dressing, choosing meals, enjoying the garden, etc.


Dedicated care at Lakeside

Some of our many care home activities

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