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Our Nutrition

Mealtimes are an important part of daily life at Lakeside. We promote individual nutrition through an enjoyable 'restaurant' atmosphere in our dining room and support our residents who eat in their room, so that they are all well hydrated and well nourished.

We carefully plan a 4 weekly menu cycle which changes regularly to reflect each season and to respond to residents’ preferences. Also, a variety of choice is always available for every taste.

We appreciate the importance of mealtimes for each resident and we are committed to make them an enjoyable part of each day, as follows:

Traditional Breakfast


Breakfast is whatever each resident wants, prepared to order - full English, toast, porridge, eggs any way, cereal etc.

Home made cake selections


Every afternoon residents enjoy home made cake with their afternoon tea.

Fresh fruit selections


At any time of day and at any mealtime, if any resident wants anything ‘not on the menu’ then we will prepare it freshly for them. Also, tea, coffee, soft drinks and water are available at all times as is fresh fruit.


Lunch / Evening meal

After much research and testing with taste sessions with our residents, families and staff, we decided to appoint Apetito as our supplier for main meals.

Apetito is a global organisation with over 50 years experience in providing quality food for Care Homes - bringing the goodness of home cooking to our menus with meals that are consistently of good quality with published nutritional values. You can feel confident your loved one will always enjoy tasty, delicious and nutritious meals.

With a range of over 200 dishes, it enables us to tailor our menus for all tastes and cultural requirements including diabetic, gluten free and energy dense.

Their localised sourcing process respects the environment as well,
meeting government buying standards for their food, supporting the British
foods and farming industry.

Dignified all day dining for residents on soft or puréed diets. For residents
with swallowing, chewing and digestion problems (dysphagia) we provide
texture modified soft and puréed meals to make mealtimes more
pleasureable for everyone. Not only are the choices delicious and nutritious,
each puréed dish is moulded to look like a normal meal so that residents
enjoy meals with their eyes as well as their tastebuds.


Texture modified lunch and evening meals, dining with dignity.
Photos supplied by Apetito


Textured, modified lunch and dinner meals

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